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Needs of Women Leaders

Lead With Influence, Unlock Your Career Potential,
and Improve Your Leadership Skills

Learn the Tools Necessary to Position for Your Next Level! 

Rewired4Gr8 Success

A 12-Week Live Online Course with Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez

Are you a woman leader at the mid to senior level, who is struggling to lead authentically in your career because you lack the clarity, confidence, and strategy to leverage your skills, and abilities so that you can promote, pivot, or transition quickly?

Need expert help to show you how to lead confidently and authentically so that you can be more intentional and strategic about your career path to maximize your impact?

I help women leaders achieve the confidence and clarity needed to strategically leverage your impact and influence, as you navigate your biggest professional challenges.

Meet your secret weapon

My focus of coaching is on the leader’s mindset. Consider me your ‘secret weapon’ to help you to achieve career success by helping you to examine the underlying beliefs, attitudes, assumptions, and blindspots which interfere with meeting your professional goals.

My signature system is based upon brain based coaching techniques and a Vertical Development framework which utilizes cutting-edge neuroscience principles, emotional intelligence, and organizational/leadership models, to impact behavior change.

We also work together closely to help you to strategically navigate the politics of promotion, pivot, or transition.

Does any of this sound familiar:

Are you a successful mid or senior level professional who is struggling to make the steps to move up to the next strategic and stimulating role? Do you find that despite outstanding and positive performance reviews you remain underutilized in your current role?

Tired of hearing ‘keep up the good work, you’re doing a great job, you were one of the top candidates’, ‘let’s talk about promotion next year’ or, ‘we just don’t have it in the budget’ when you discuss a promotion?

Do you encounter gender bias in the interview process that interferes with your ability to advance to your next level role?

If you’re looking to reach that next level, we can work together to make it happen!

I provide individual and group executive coaching for women leaders, who want to dig deeper to overcome internal politics which prevent career success and push themselves to maximise their potential to reach the next stage of their career. I have 20+ years of experience developing high performing professionals, entrepreneurs, executives and teams so that they can realise and unleash their leadership potential.

We can work together to help you:

  • Gain the confidence of key decisions makers, and senior leaders
  • Understand how to successfully communicate, and thoughtfully impact decision making at the highest level
  • Improve your executive presence, and communication with your senior decision makers
  • Overcome imposter syndrome that is interfering with your success
  • Navigate the politics of promotion
  • Counteract Gender Bias so your talents and achievements are recognised and rewarded
  • Maximise your potential through a next level opportunity, promotion, or project so that you can make the biggest impact

Contact me to discuss how coaching can help you get to your next level. 

I’ll share with you the tools I developed throughout my extensive career to help thousands of high performing women at Fortune 500 companies, and businesses around the world. 

Today is the beginning of a new start, NOW is YOUR time!

Ready to work with me individually?

Not quite ready for Individual Executive Coaching?

Participate in a group experience of the Rewired4Gr8 Success Coaching Program For Women Leaders. The Rewired4Gr8 Success Coaching Program For Women Leaders shows you how to be intentional and strategic about your career path to maximize your impact. Follow my signature system and you can elevate your mindset and leverage your skillset, improve your visibility, position for promotion, earn what you are worth, and increase your leadership impact within weeks (NOT months or years).

Regain control of your mindset and career — schedule your consultation today!

Find out more about the Rewired4Gr8 Success Coaching Program For Women Leaders virtual group coaching program…

My coaching sessions can liberate you, and help you move away from playing a ‘professional role’ and be your true authentic self! I can help set you free to:

  • Confront and conquer beliefs that may have previously limited your success
  • Identify you professional and personal blind spots, and correct them
  • Work and create a strong leadership presence
  • Get in touch with your true authenticity, and expand your leadership capacity

During individual and group coaching sessions, I leverage numerous assessment and evidence-based tools, in order to unleash your talents and clarify your vision. I help you identify what’s holding you back from transitioning to higher levels of performance and ultimate happiness and life fulfillment. My sessions come from the heart and are designed to be fun, inspiring and energetic. Together, we will:

  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Expand your emotional intelligence
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Enhance your relationship interactions
  • Bust through limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs

The Rewired4Gr8 Success Coaching Program For Women Leaders is designed to teach you how to overcome mindset challenges and stop being overlooked for promotions, negotiate bigger salaries and become an assertive leader so that you can make the biggest impact!

From Overlooked and Underutilized
to Visible and Valued!

A Proven Strategy to Gain the Mindset to Achieve Your Next Level Career Goals

Are you intelligent, capable, and get outstanding performance reviews…but you feel underutilized and stuck?

Even though you are publicly successful, are you feeling privately unfulfilled?

Do you desire to have more impact, play at a bigger level, and finally have a seat at the table so that you can have more say in the organization, and more challenging and strategic projects?

In this program, top-rated Executive Coach and Speaker Aimée V. Sanchez, PhD will guide you to create a personal strategy to get to your next level opportunity.


Practical takeaways strategies include:

  • Changing the perception of key decision makers that lets them see you as the best candidate for the next level opportunity
  • Staying top of mind with key decision makers so that they see you as ‘ready now’ to be invited to lead stretch projects
  • Improving your leadership and executive presence so that you gain the confidence of senior leaders
  • Leveraging the Power of Influence to Negotiate to “Yes” when you ask for increased responsibility, visibility, or a new or challenging role
  • Gaining the buy-in of key stakeholders by increasing your visibility and leveraging relationship currency
  • Remaining authentic and purpose driven in developing your professional brand so that your opportunities to self promote stop feeling awkward and uncomfortable
  • Gaining the leadership presence that allows you to be both visible and valued by senior decision makers
  • Learning how to navigate the politics of promotion to identify and ask for mentorship/sponsorship
  • Learning how to strategically reduce the impact of gender bias and leverage your unique diversity during the interview process

The Rewired4Gr8 For Success Coaching Program For Women Leaders will allow you to develop a strategic and individualized action plan to take charge of your mindset and career. Work with Dr. Sanchez to set yourself on a course to increase your impact, influence, and responsibility, so that you can successfully pursue your purpose, passion, and finally earn what you are worth!  

” I was petrified of the changes going on in my life until I worked with Dr. Aimée. I was worried about setting up my new business and didn’t know how to cope with the stress. It’s a life skill I use all the time now. Thank you so much!”
– Patricia F., Business Owner 

The Rewired4Gr8 Success Coaching Program For Women Leaders is perfect for you if…

You’re a mid, or senior level professional who gets exceptional performance reviews, but arestruggling to move up to the next strategic and stimulating role.

You are feeling bored, stuck, undervalued, and/or like you havehit the proverbial glass ceiling… 

You’ve been told you outshine your peers, but keep getting passed over for the next promotion. Instead you’re told ‘let’s revisit your promotion next round’ or ‘keep working at it” with no real tangible feedback…


You continually struggle with these barriers to success:

  • Being told you outshine your peers yet still being passed over for the next promotion
  • Being unable to access high level career mentorship at work
  • Dealing with insecurities that create a lack of confidence in your abilities, and make you believe the myth that you’re ‘not ready yet’
  • Balancing work with other life priorities, sometimes leading to feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Lack of vision or clarity about the right next steps, or career goals, for you
  • Lack of perceived credibility due to absence of executive presence
  • Missing the right opportunities because you struggle to speak up or actively promote yourself
  • You feel unable to clearly articulate your true value to your workplace, and so are unable to negotiate salary, fees and access to opportunities that you deserve.

Despite these barriers, however, you know you’re ready
to reach the next level!

This unique program is also ideal for you if…

  • You’re already successful in your field, but are looking for new challenges, promotions or access to additional tools to help you lead authentically and successfully
  • You have mastered the technical aspects of your industry, and now wish to strengthen your communication, leadership and influence skills
  • You want to position yourself as a serious candidate for the next significant promotion or position within your company
  • You want to position yourself as an expert in your industry, in order to raise your profile, prices and/or attract more clients.
  • You have a clear vision for what you want to achieve, but are struggling to execute it successfully

I can help you fulfill your potential, break down barriers, and create a meaningful impact; so you can position yourself for that next level opportunity that you desire, and rightfully deserve. 

Ready to reach your next level? Work with me…

The Rewired4Gr8 Success Program For Women Leaders

Expand your Influence and Impact on the business


Increase your visibility to position for more responsibility, challenging projects, and grow and stretch as a leader 


Position for promotion, or for your next level opportunity


Three months of training with my cutting edge techniques focused on helping you shift your mindset and building skills that will take you to your next level


Webinar-based trainings give you complete scripts and toolkits. Training is contained in a learning portal, available at your convenience.

“In my brief time working with Dr. Sanchez she helped to greatly improve my confidence, resilience, and helped me gain opportunities to truly leverage my skills.”
– R.A., Managing Director, Fortune 500 Company

“Coaching with Dr. Sanchez changed my thought process, insights and in turn my life. She provided a steady voice of reason, and helped in a time when I had none. She encouraged me to not just go for my goals but to exceed them!”
– Amanda, Corporate Professional

“After working for over 10 years for my company, I felt like I had gone as far as I could go. Each year that went by was another missed opportunity. Within 8 weeks of working with Dr. Sanchez, I got a promotion, a significant salary increase, and boosted my confidence 10 fold. Now I truly believe the sky is the limit!”
– T.C., Senior Level Supervisor


What is Coaching with Dr. Sanchez Like?

Coaching with Dr. Sanchez is an empowering and liberating experience for the woman leader who is ready and committed to success. Dr. Sanchez has spent 20+ years researching and studying human behavior, and developing high performing leaders. Coaching with her will help you harness the power to trust your decisions, become more intuitive, and open yourself to greater insight and growth with the natural result of expanding your leadership potential. She has helped her clients achieve life transforming results, and she is committed to seeing each of her clients meet their individual goals.

What this Experience is not?

This experience is not therapy, career coaching, or advice giving. Dr. Sanchez’s approach to Executive coaching is based upon evidenced based practices rooted in neuroscience, positive psychology, psychology, organizational behavior, and organizational leadership principles. Her coaching recommendations additionally are enhanced by her 20+ years of experience developing and leading high performing individuals, teams, and organizations in achieving clarity and strategic alignment with core values that have resulted in meeting million dollar missions.

Over the 3 months we will cover:

The Confident Leader’s Mindset

In this module we will focus on stepping into your power as a female leader that will allow you to gain clarity and confidence as you make the internal shift towards Confident Leadership which enables you to envision what success looks like on your own terms.

Position Yourself For Your Next

We will focus on helping you to successfully position yourself for a next level opportunity where you can maximize your potential and make a meaningful impact.

Overcome Politics

You will learn how to overcome external politics that interfere with your career success, and help you to to gain the confidence of key decision makers. Also, you will learn how to manage external politics and daily overwhelm.

Stay Focused on Your Goal

Do you feel like you could always do with more hours in the day, and are unsure how to manage your time? Our regular check in sessions are ideal for busy professionals and will help keep you on track!

Get Taken Seriously

You will learn how to challenge the obstacles to your success, and limited them so they no longer interfere with your ability to communicate with confidence and authority.

Power up Your Personal Brand

Together we will evaluate your current executive presence, and work on the subtle changes you can make to transform your presence into an authoritative and influential personal brand. You will learn how to use this to get ahead, influence others and drive results.

Manage Your Influence

We will assess your current executive presence and identify the 2 or 3 subtle changes you can make to transform your professional presence. You will also learn how to use executive presence to get ahead, influence others, and drive results.

Negotiate to Yes!

I will help you learn how to use basic neuroscience as your competitive advantage in order to navigate salary and promotion negotiations. Confidently explain your true value, and get the results you want.

Network Powerfully

Do you panic when it comes to networking situations? You will learn the necessary skills to help you learn how to cultivate and leverage relationships that will propel you to the top of your field.

Which Option is Best for You?

Individual Executive Coaching

I provide executive coaching for women leaders who want to gain the clarity, confidence, and strategy needed to advance quickly in their careers. Using my signature system based upon brain based coaching techniques you will unlock your career potential and elevate your mindset. This often results in an increase in salary, a better title, or transitioning to a career that is more rewarding and fulfilling (or a combination of all). 

We will work together to create an individualized coaching program for you by helping you to identify your own unique pathway to success so that you can achieve your greatest professional goals.

This process includes:

Formal Assessments

  • Targeted Coaching Intake
  • 2 Formal Leadership and/or Personality Assessments
  • Interpretation of Assessment Results
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching Program

Intended Outcomes

  • Goals & Objectives
  • Individualized frameworks to assist in your professional development
  • 1:1 Coaching & Support
  • 60-minute strategic planning session to identify your coaching goals
  • Ongoing support & feedback throughout the coaching process via our secure messaging platform in between sessions

What people are saying:

“This experience changed my life… I gained so much from this experience. First, Dr. Sanchez made me accountable for my career goals, the plan, and the strategies involved, which was a huge step for me. The second thing she did was, she made me feel more confident about who I am and what I have to offer. The third thing that really came as both a surprise and a gift to me was, that she helped me identify how I can better navigate office politics so that I never ever have to feel undervalued or, stuck in my career.” -Andrea, Director, Healthcare Management 

“I’ve learned so much and I can’t even express the evolution of the transformation I feel in myself, even people that know me see a difference and I can’t thank you enough Dr Sanchez!” -Melanie, Sr. Vice President, Information Technology

Ready to get started? 

Group Executive Coaching

In this intensive 12 week program, I will help you to gain the clarity, confidence, and strategy needed to position powerfully for promotion, pivot, or transition.  You’ll become a part of a community of ambitious women leaders who desire to acquire and maintain the mindset needed to make the biggest impact.

This program is designed to address the unique needs women leaders face, and will help bring out your strengths so that you can focus on what you can do right now to get where you want to go. This is an accelerated program that’s designed to get you results quickly. At the end of this program you will gain the strategies and tools to operate boldly and succeed at the highest levels. During the 12 weeks I will help you to shift your mindset so that you can:

  • Improve Your Confidence and Clarity to Strategically Lead with Influence
  • Unlock Your Career Potential, & Improve Your Leadership Skills
  • Learn the Tools Necessary to Position Powerfully For Your Next Level

This process includes:

Formal Assessments

  • Targeted Coaching Intake
  • 1 Formal Leadership and/or Personality Assessment
  • Interpretation of Assessment Results
  • Group Executive Coaching Program

Intended Outcomes

  • Goals & Objectives
  • Individualized frameworks to assist in professional development
  • Group Coaching & Support
  • 30-minute strategic planning session to identify your program goals
  • Ongoing support & feedback throughout the coaching process via our secure messaging platform in between sessions

In this virtual coaching program 90% of our program participants report they have met their program goal.

What people are saying:

“This entire experience has been such an eye-opening gift for me. Having the shared experience with a small group of women with common objectives has really brightened my ability to see things in a different light and to gain important knowledge to use in future roles. I am so grateful for everything that I’ve learned here, and this has been absolutely the most valuable coaching experience for the advancement of my career.”  -Cecilia, Operations Executive, Health Care

“I was motivated and inspired every week! A major breakthrough for me was that I learned that I have what it takes to get to the next level. By the end of this program I saw myself differently, I was more confident and I was able to self evaluate more accurately and not second guess myself like I had before. I also had both a plan and a strategy to create the types of professional opportunities that I needed in order to get to my next level.”  -Julie, Director, Financial Services

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