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Have you been dreaming about your next promotion? Are you finding it difficult to determine what you are worth when you go in to negotiate a raise or promotion? Are you constantly asking yourself why you are not being promoted?

Let’s face it, it takes more than tenure and loyalty in a company to earn a promotion. Gone are the days when promotions are limited to seniority, loyalty, and slick attire. Today’s promotions happen because employees are able to successfully navigate corporate politics, consistently deliver value, earn trust, rally allies, and be able to influence at every level.  How are you currently demonstrating to your company that you are ready to take on a promotion?

If you are feeling ready and the promotional opportunities keep passing you by, here are 3 reasons why you might not be getting promoted:

They may not know you’re interested

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First and foremost, they might not know you’re interested. This might sound strange, but it is a fact. You are dreaming about the promotion, but is your boss aware that you have that interest? Have you ever communicated your personal and professional goals with your supervisor or manager?  If not, then you are certainly sabotaging your chances for a promotion. If you aren’t speaking up, chances are your company has no idea you are interested.

You’re not demonstrating strong EQ

Secondly, you may lack emotional intelligence. In any position you enter within the company, you require more than just being competent and proficient with the work itself.  Companies promote people who are able to lead with emotional intelligence; employees who are aware of, and can manage, their own emotions and create a safe space for their colleagues to express unpredictable emotions.  In our modern workspaces, a leader’s ability to flex their emotional intelligence and soft skill muscles are critical to mentoring employees and developing leadership while navigating difficult and uncertain times.

You’re not taking enough credit

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You are a great team player, an outstanding leader, but you can’t seem to get promoted.  Perhaps you are not taking the credit you deserve. You are constantly putting your team and others at the forefront while your efforts often go unnoticed. If you never sing your own praises and seize opportunities to share your achievements when you are doing a great job, how can you expect a promotion for your contribution?

You cannot leave your aspirations of being promoted to others, especially if they don’t show that they understand your worth and contribution to the company. Before you walk into your next check-in with your leader or performance review, you might want to document some of your greatest achievements and accomplishments. Share with others, including your manager and senior leadership when you can,  that you are enjoying what you do and would welcome opportunities to discuss your career growth and ways you can increase your contributions and add value to the company.

There are many reasons top talent may get passed over for a promotion. Recognizing your self-worth, demonstrating your competencies, and ensuring that your leadership team and the company’s decision-makers are aware of your intentions., are critical to ensuring you are never overlooked for the next promotion opportunity.

What is really holding you back from taking credit for your hard work and speaking up about your intentions to be promoted? As an Executive Coach, I have worked with many professionals to help them position powerfully for their next promotion. If you feel that you are sabotaging your chances of being promoted, I’d love to help. Book your free consultation with me here http://bit.ly/drsanchezstrategyLI2

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