Rave Reviews from Happy Clients

I worked with Dr. Sanchez as she guided me and my team through critical Change Management processes. I found the experience to be both helpful and yet intimidating at times as I confronted life-long issues that were impacting me professionally in managing others, and in my relationships at home. Dr. Sanchez was supportive, inspiring and effective throughout the process. She has a rare ability to be both direct and honest while at the same time exhibiting empathy and support. As a result, I felt more capable of addressing sensitive issues that increased my effectiveness.

Kathy P.
Former Director of SCC-IDP Alaska

Dr. Sanchez’s coaching of tools and techniques for a peak mindset has been an incredible benefit. She has helped me develop a positive, non-judgmental attitude and I was able to make meaningful and effective progress in the growth of my business and professional relationships.

Dr. Baca
Business Owner California

Coaching with Dr. Sanchez was empowering and I felt that she understood me. I connected with her as she listened, encouraged and made me feel valued. She has this amazing ability to get to the root of any issue which helped me to get complete clarity on any issue or goal that we worked on. As a result, I felt more motivated and inspired and able to reach my business and personal goals. If you want results in your business I would recommend Dr. Sanchez without any hesitation.

Amanda C.
Business Owner United Kingdom

When I began working with Dr. Sanchez I felt I needed more support in my journey of leadership, as well as, entrepreneurship. At that time, I wanted to clarify what story to tell, what I could offer as a social entrepreneur, and how to become a more effective leader, learner, and influencer. The interactions Dr. Sanchez and the interactive group support gave me new ideas about how to develop and use my talents when serving others. I also gained great motivation to pursue my goals unselfishly. I recommend Dr. Sanchez if you are feeling isolated as a leader.

Diana H.
Health Education Specialist, Public Speaker, Bestselling Author

Working with Dr. Sanchez is a transformational experience. She is compassionate in nature and has a genuine concern for others which produces a supportive environment for personal growth & development. She inspires & empowers you to recognize & accomplish your goals, trust in yourself & lead a more rewarding and fulfilling life! She’s incredible!

Gloria J.
M.S. Counselor Washington

I worked with Dr. Sanchez during a very difficult time of my career, she helped me find my passion and helped me to gain a clear vision regarding my professional goals.  I felt she really understood what my needs and anxieties were, with her help I was able to make some pivotal decisions that ultimately changed my life for the better. I gained the courage to pursue my life’s goal of becoming a Nurse!

H. Blythe
R.N. Alaska

I found my coaching sessions with Dr. Sanchez to be both very helpful professionally as well as personally.  She helped me to challenge my negative thoughts that were holding me back.  Her weekly coaching exercises helped me to take a look at my life from a different perspective, which proved to be tremendously insightful.

B. Washington
Human Resources Director California

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