Interview Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez
Executive Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Award Winning Bestselling Author

Dr. Aimée V. Sanchez is an inspiring interview guest who engages and enlightens audiences with her compelling insights to help leaders and organizations to unlock human potential. 

Whether she’s working with executives, entrepreneurs, organizations, or leadership teams, Dr. Sanchez uses her 17+ years of experience developing high potential leaders and leading high performing teams to unleash her clients’ inner potential, so they can successfully:

  • Radiate executive presence
  • Utilize influence and act with confidence
  • Communicate with power
  • Maintain Resilience

Dr. Sanchez brings to her interviews a highly unique set of skills. In addition to her successful business background, Dr. Sanchez is a widely-respected for her ability to use an effective mix of psychology and neuroscience in the application of her coaching programs.

Your audience will learn about evidence-based practices and cognitive strategies they can use to empower themselves and gain the competitive advantage in business and in life. They will increase their ability to successfully…

  • Understand their negative emotions
  • Let go of limiting beliefs …forever
  • Improve and energize their performance and behavior
  • Avoid traps common to high achievers
Viewers and listeners will also learn how to enhance their careers while learning how to successfully overcoming the biggest challenges to healthy work-life integration.

Interviews & Speaking

Organizational Clients, Speaking & Media Appearances Include:

Specialized Training & Certifications:

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