Experience a Ripple Effect Throughout Your Life

Effective coaching should not just impact your career or your bottom line. Instead, it should have a positive, lasting transformation on your …

  • Enhance emotional intelligence
  • Financial expansion

  • Health and wellness

  • Family relationships

That’s what makes Dr. Sanchez’s individual and team coaching strategies unique. They have an energizing ripple effect that enhances every aspect of your life.

executive coaching

Coaching that addresses your career while ignoring the rest of your life may lead to “victories,” but they are empty victories.

Today, you no longer need to live your life in separate compartments. Coaching that leads to wins in one area of your life, should lead to gains in every area of your life.

The tools, techniques, and strategies you and your team learn from Dr. Sanchez will empower you to live your life authentically.

You’ll master skills that enable you to integrate wellness and mindfulness aspects of your personal life into your professional life.

And, you’ll discover how the leadership and commitment skills that drive the professional you, can be interwoven seamlessly into your life away from work.

As a high achiever, during individual coaching sessions you will learn strategies to help you to effectively:

  • Lead yourself well

  • Interact effectively with others

  • Leave a legacy of leadership so that you achieve success without ceilings

The result is a career and life that is richer, more rewarding, and inspiring!

To learn more about how you or your team can live and lead from a place of authentic transformation, contact Dr. Sanchez for a FREE 30-minute consultation.

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Executive Coaching services are available for individuals or organizations. Services primarily focus upon assisting high achievers in the professional realm to maximize their work satisfaction, effectiveness, life balance, and leadership abilities.

If you interested in this service read below to get started.


The concierge model focuses on offering excellent service to a small number clients to achieve optimal results. Clients can do appointments in-person or via televideo-conferencing (depending upon their package choice). Between appointments, they are able to check in via text, email or with a quick phone call. Clients are often provided with additional information, encouragement or challenges to work on between appointments.

Step #1
Brief Questionnaire & Phone Consult

  1. Click on the side tab or the button below to schedule a phone consult. (*Note: If the available times do not work with your schedule, please use the contact form to message your request and the days/time frames that work best. Dr. Sanchez will respond to you directly)
  2. After you have scheduled a phone consult, you will receive two emails – one with your appointment confirmation and one with a brief intake form. You will also receive a scheduling password in case you need to change or cancel your phone consult time.
  3. Please follow the link from your email to complete the brief intake form prior to the phone consult. This step will help Dr. Sanchez maximize your time.

Step #2
Initial Appointment

After the phone consult, you can set up an initial appointment. This appointment allows you to meet Dr. Sanchez and to discuss your goals in more detail. You will be asked to complete intake information prior to this appointment in order to maximize your time. If it’s a good fit and you want to move forward as Dr. Sanchez’s client, you will receive options on the scheduling and package/retainer options that best fit your needs. If it’s not the right fit, Dr. Sanchez will give you as many strategies as time allows and information for moving forward with another professional.


There are several coaching options that address the most common needs and success trajectories of clients. The monthly investment ranges from $425-$1500 (prices may be subject to change without notice). There will be no pressure to “up-sell’ you. The goal is for people to obtain the services that are the best fit for them.

CONTRACT SERVICES — Organizations may choose to select a package or program of services for their individual leaders and teams. Contact Dr. Sanchez regarding your organizational needs.

INSURANCE — I do not work with insurance companies, as most of my clients are healthy and do not have a mental health diagnosis. Additionally, the model for providing excellent client services and between appointment availability does not align with the business model of insurance companies.

TAX DEDUCTIONS — Services are usually appropriate to be counted as either a business or a healthcare expense. You may want to check with your tax professional on the specifics. Clients can easily download statements of all spending for tax purposes.

HSA accounts can be used as payment for services.



In my discussions with people from varying levels of organizations, I’ve discovered that there are consistent complaints about human factors but a lack of knowledge and strategy to effectively resolve them. Below are some key areas that require strategy for optimal organizational health.

My primary focus in consulting is to provide the information and implementation strategies necessary for long-term, high-yield results.


Difficult Employees: Do you have a specific plan to isolate problem behaviors, remediate, or fire them if necessary?

Helping individuals/organizations to identify strategies to:

  • Change the problem behaviors
  • Insulate Negativity
  • Set Effective Patterns
  • Know when to let them go

Motivation and Morale — What is the health of your organizational culture, is it healthy? Do your employees feel that they can be effective in working hard?

Helping individuals/organizations to identify strategies to:

  • Optimize Employee Satisfaction and Increase Business Profits

Team building — Is your team unified? Are they effective? Do they like each other? What needs to change?

Helping individuals/organizations to identify strategies to:

  • Identify/maintain healthy group norms
  • Communicate effective communication processes
  • Create a culture of ownership by communicating team goals
  • Build a consistent foundation of loyalty and trust with your employees

Leadership Development — Helping individuals/organizations to identify strategies to:

  • Inspire leaders to lead themselves well
  • Encourage leaders to effectively use their emotional intelligence combined with their tactical skills 

We also provide a variety of assessment tools for your individual or business consulting needs.

Click here to learn more.

If you are interested in our Business consulting services please be assured that we are interested in creating a unique experience for your company. Services include team workshops, assessment of workplace climate, and one-on-one coaching for company leaders and employees. Click here for our list of workshops, presentations, and speaking topics. 

  1. Call or email to set up a 20-30 minute phone consultation. We will discuss your needs to see if it is appropriate to move to an in-person initial assessment.
  2. We will schedule a 2-hour appointment at my office or your place of business. At this point, I will do an initial assessment to obtain an understanding of the specific dynamics and goals of your business. Together, we will determine if it is appropriate to move into a consulting relationship. If it is not, I will share my initial conceptualizations and suggestions for your next steps.

Consulting fees will be arranged based on the specific needs of the company (prices may be subject to change without notice):

$450 (2 hr initial needs assessment)

Retainer begins at $2000. Services will be billed at $225/hr.


Dr. Sanchez provides a combination of proven executive assessment tools and methods that provide valuable insights into executives’ capabilities and readiness for critical business priorities.

Did you know that at least half of companies do not formally assess the potential of their leaders and tend to be shooting in the dark when it comes to identifying their future talent?  A research study found that 75% of high performers do not possess the requisite skills to handle the increased complexity in senior leadership roles. Additional research has shown that evidence-based assessment is the most common way to identify your leaders’ strengths and challenges. Common executive assessment tools used include the 360-degree feedback assessment.

Other popular tools found to provide useful information about leader’s capabilities include the following:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), used by 68.2%
  • DISC, used by 61.4%

Dr. Sanchez strongly recommends that there be multiple data points when considering potential, including: education, experiences, cognitive abilities, personality attributes, performance results, and interview assessments. This information helps ensure more accuracy of decisions for determining your staff’s bench strengths.

What formal executive assessment tools does your company use?

When was the last time your leaders were assessed to determine their strengths, weaknesses, or areas of concern?

Isn’t it time to implement a rigorous assessment process for the current and future leaders in your organization?

Dr. Sanchez provides a number of different assessment tools to help organizations and leaders  gain understanding regarding the issues, perceptions, and concerns that impact workforce performance. By understanding the factors that influence individual and team performance, leaders can build strategies to:

  • Improve and increase employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Decrease turnover
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Inspire high-performing management
  • Pinpoint the areas that negatively influence performance
  • Use analytics to develop leadership development and training plans that drive results and produce real returns on investment for businesses

360 degree feedback assessment

This assessment is designed to collect reliable information from various sources – not just a supervisor, but also from peers, direct reports and even customers – and compare it with data gleaned from a self-assessment.

Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI)

FEBI® is the only validated personality assessment and coaching tool that measures four fundamental energy patterns linking mind, body and behavior. These patterns connect four ways the nervous system functions with four factors of personality and four essential modes of leadership. No other assessment is as descriptive and prescriptive in helping clients reclaim the energy they need.

Results will provide a comprehensive set of development recommendations that help you reclaim any pattern you could use more of.

The Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI)

This assessment can be used as a stand-alone assessment or as a powerful component of a comprehensive assessment designed to improve team and client interactions, and individual effectiveness.

The MBTI is a self-assessment tool that helps a person to understand his/her own personal preferences and is an important instrument that is frequently used in the work environment for team building, leadership development and enhancing interpersonal relationships (e.g. communication, conflict management, decision making).

John Maxwell Leadership Assessment

The Maxwell Leadership Assessment is an online based tool that offers a 360-degree in-depth view of an individual’s influence, based on Maxwell’s Five Levels of Leadership methodology. This tool is designed to assess the individual leader according to 64 important factors along with a self-assessment and anonymous feedback from supervisors, colleagues, direct reports, and others. Through this comprehensive 360-degree assessment, leaders accurately identify both their areas of strength and their opportunities for growth. This self-knowledge and team knowledge results in better teamwork, increased confidence, and more targeted leadership development.

John Maxwell Team Leadership Game

The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game is a comprehensive and interactive assessment tool based on the teachings of John C. Maxwell. This tool helps organizations improve their leadership intelligence and increase their effectiveness.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

The Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0 (EQ-i 2.0) measures an individual’s emotional intelligence. This tool measures effectiveness in self-awareness, expression, interpersonal skills, decision making, and stress management, which are all necessary for healthy leaders.

DISC Instrument

DISC is a tool that helps improve interactions by helping us to communicate better with others. The DISC assessment reveals which behavioral styles are more comfortable for us (natural) and which take more energy (not natural).

Additionally, the DISC strengthens relationships which help improve productivity and lead to better workplaces.

If there is an assessment tool that you have interest in using that is not listed here, please contact our office to learn of additional tools offered.

To learn more about how you or your team can live and lead from a place of authentic transformation, contact Dr. Sanchez for a FREE 30-minute consultation.

Or call her directly at 1-559-708-8708