Women feel a lot of pressure in their careers. It’s not uncommon for them to feel inferior to male colleagues or feel like they need to prove themselves constantly. This can lead to a performance-driven mindset and can induce negative judgments or fears of underperforming.

Learning goals represent the mindset mastery you must develop to prevent stagnation and increase your capacity to perform. By prioritizing these goals, you will create more value and authenticity through your leadership.

Here are 3 learning goals that will help you become an authentic leader:

  1. Confidence
  2. Resilience
  3. Collaboration


Ever heard of the saying “a leader is only as strong as their team”? It’s so true! When the focus is on performance only, proper attention to teamwork and deliberation can be overlooked.

Instead of delegating too much, set a goal of communicating more with your team. What can be discovered from observing how your team approaches a project? This will give you more insight into what is affecting the overall performance.

This learning goal doesn’t only apply to who you lead, but also who you lead with. Find a partner, coach, or mentor who you can collaborate with. We are all limited by our own experiences- by working with others, you are able to expand your arsenal of knowledge.


Feeling confident about your position is a key factor in a leadership mindset. However, if not approached with the right strategy, it can be too ego-driven to want to show off and appear confident and collected to outside judgments. When we build authentic confidence from within, we start to trust ourselves more. Going outside our comfort zones, taking risks, and embracing humility for mistakes can be great opportunities to build confidence in your role.


Women often resort to playing small when approaching leadership positions. Experiences of feeling inferior or perceptions of gender disparities can hold women back from taking new opportunities for growth in their careers.

Instead of letting these fears and perceived barriers hold us back, we can develop our mindset to become resilient to them. The more resilient we become to external factors that limit us, the more expansive we can become in our careers.

If you are a women leader who is needing support in creating learning goals to master the mindset needed to effectively position for promotion, pivot, or transition, schedule your confidential 15-minute chat with me and my team at: https://bit.ly/drs-team-consult-15min.

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