We have all heard about the benefits of doing away with physical clutter that piles up in our spaces. But have you considered how limiting mental clutter can be? Mental clutter can feed on your energy, drain your vitality, take up valuable me-time, fill your mind and fog your vision.

Decluttering your mind can help you become more productive and energetic, help you experience more serenity and meaningfulness, and even reclaim your life!

Here are our top 3 tips to declutter your mind quickly and effectively:

  • A little mental clean-up can easily be achieved by replacing those voices in your head that create feelings of doubt about your self-worth and deservingness. You can either type out or just grab a pen and a paper and write all the nasty thoughts and judgements you have about yourself, your body, your achievements and relationships. Don’t censor, just pour it out. Now, take a fresh paper and retrain your brain by writing new and positive thoughts about yourself. Replace your harsh judgements with kind affirmations. Congratulations! You’ve just got rid of a ton of mental rubbish!
  • Have you ever noticed that a majority of the thoughts you have lately are not directly originating in your head but are a reaction to the information you feed your mind constantly? Limit your screen time – TVs, tablets, computers and phones generate a lot of useless noise and clutter.
  • Make a to-do list. Now this can be done electronically or manually. But, I make a list of the top 5 tasks that I want to achieve each day in order of priority. If you have a number of items that you have to complete, you may decide to prioritize the items that take the least amount of time first, followed by the projects that consume more time. The idea is to identify items that you can actually complete and finish each day to a certain level of satisfaction so that the unfinished nature of the project won’t cause undue frustration or stress.

Don’t clutter your mind with thoughts about the things you need to get done. Consolidate scattered thoughts, organize urgent to-do lists, short term, long term, and eventual to-do separately. Prioritizing tasks and refreshing the list often will save you precious mental energy and will make achieving success a cake walk.

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