I call these the 3 Rs. Reevaluating, Reestablishing and Redefining. To truly reinvent yourself and gain a competitive advantage in today’s business world, you need to know how to do all three.


Reevaluation is about taking a true assessment and evaluation of your current skill set. Then you can determine which skills you can leverage and which you need to build or grow if you are wanting to get to your next level or phase in your career.

Take a moment to look at your next career step and ask yourself an honest question: What skills do I have that make me great for this position? What skills are not as strong as they should be for that position?


Reestablishment is basically about repurposing your skills. This means taking the time to look at the areas you can improve upon or make better and being able to think about the unique value that you bring.

When it comes to reestablishing, it is not always about starting with a clean slate. Unless you are absolutely, totally reinventing yourself, it may just be putting your specific skills or unique qualities on steroids.

Reestablishing gives you the opportunity to not only repurpose skills that have been helpful to you, useful to you, or marketable for you, but also identifying areas where you can use your skills in ways that you haven’t before.


Redefining, really reinventing yourself, is about taking a new narrative and being able to share that with others. You have a unique value proposition that serves a specific need in a specific problem for a specific industry.

As you go about redefining yourself, you will see the opportunities for continuing to advance in your career open up.

Redefining allows you to be somewhat flexible in your perception of yourself because you realize something. There are things you are definitely great at. There are things you definitely don’t want to do. Redefining allows you to be clear about your yes and absolutely certain about your no.

These three things, very quickly, are reevaluating, reestablishing and redefining. They will help you to quickly take your career to the next level.

How can you go about using these three tactics to open up opportunities for career advancement in 2021?

How I Can Help

As you begin cultivating your unique skills to position yourself for promotion, I want to help you! If you have been trying for that promotion or that dream job and you have not been able to achieve it just yet. You might be at a critical time where you need a thought partner and someone to walk with you through the process. If this describes you, I invite you to schedule a FREE consultation with me today at https://bit.ly/drsanchez-application-consult!

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