Your life is busy and you have a wide variety of tasks to handle, and it’s usually the case that the more determined you become to tackle more tasks, the more you find it difficult to finish them. Why? Your desire to handle more tasks without first tending to what is most urgent and important just keeps building up more and more anxiety in your system. To start with, it is capable of ruining your work routine, energy levels, mood, patience, and your efficiency. Not only this; it can affect your co-workers and employees as well.

This article will help you get a firm grip on your life by exploring inner resources, and other inexpensive, quick and easy ways to reduce anxiety and increase productivity. Let’s dive in!

Collect yourself

Having multiple goals and multitasking may seem like a lucrative option but they have been proven to give disastrous outcomes. In fact, they can actually make you feel like you are constantly walking in glue. Successful professionals create and pursue only those goals that can contribute to the most important areas of personal and professional growth.

Correct Prioritization of Your Goals

Invariably, you have read about prioritizing goals a million times. However, in this article, we are walking you through how to set the right goals for yourself and how to figure which ones to handle first. Brush up your organizational skills. It’s incredibly easy to get anxious and overwhelmed when you don’t know how to navigate between tasks and keep a fine balance. Simplify your goals and see to the most urgent and most important objectives first before moving on to the next set of goals. Project-management software and team-collaboration programs can help you in forming important to-do lists and promote your productivity and that of your entire team.

Stop procrastinating

Start by tackling your to-do list one step at a time by having a systematic approach to your day. Take Action. Nothing will fall into your lap if you keep thinking about the big decisions you have made. There are no right or wrong ways to start a project and taking the path of least resistance is not always necessarily the best option.

Learn how to manage your Time Better

You might have not realized that anxiety is a cycle. Anxiety is caused by an unstructured lifestyle. Worrying about hundreds of things that are running in your head at the same time is deeply distracting and won’t be helpful in tackling any of them. Moreover, the more you try to escape from complex tasks by whiling away your time and distracting yourself from bothersome chores, the more it will come back to haunt you. Your time is precious. Take control of your time and your thoughts.

Disconnect from the virtual world

Social media is great. But it can be a threat to productivity and can be very detrimental for your health as it can also add to a lot of pre-existing anxiety. You simply can’t keep up with everybody. Try disconnecting by deleting your accounts from unnecessary platforms, and signing off from the main ones you use during work hours. If you find that difficult, use time-blocking or setting aside and budgeting certain times for checking social-media updates.

Put Things in Perspective

This means you actively recognize that you don’t have a control over everything that happens to you; sometimes life will get messy and challenges will seem insurmountable. Acceptance of your human self is the key to handling such challenges. Allow yourself to breathe. Forgive yourself for what you couldn’t achieve. Believe that the best is yet to come. After all, it’s not so much what’s going on that’s important; it’s how you respond to it that matters.

Eat and Drink Right

Nutrition and anxiety are intimately related. Your body needs top quality nutrients to function optimally. You will feel right when you eat right. Poor nutrition will lower your productivity. More of vitamin rich foods and high protein foods can help you feel calmer during the day. Water is the best beverage. Limit fatty, sugary, carbohydrate rich food and other processed and canned food items alcohol, tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks.

Lastly, I would encourage you to believe that you are enough, and that your works are good. Our natural desire as high achievers is to over achieve, and remain accessible to everyone who asks for a piece of us. The typical profile of a high achiever, busy professional, and/or high potential individual is one based upon natural personality characteristics such as: strong drive, enthusiasm and a natural impulse to live in honest authenticity. But there are also challenges that include: balancing a creative mind (i.e., more ideas than they can act on at once), struggling with being distracted by their own pursuits, jumping from project to project, and working constantly without always having much to show for it.

I would therefore caution you, to take an internal inventory of your feelings regarding your individual level of distress. If your anxiety feels as though it is limiting and potentially disabling, you may need of additional help to learn how to: create priorities, get focused and navigate obstacles, impose boundaries around your time, and learn to say “no.” These skills will serve you well over the years of your life.

Coaching would be beneficial for individuals that would like to continue exploring the underlying causes of their symptoms of anxiety and improve their overall productivity. The coaching process would allow for continual focus on helping the high achiever to identify specific actions that will deliver short-term as well as longer-term goals.

To learn more about coaching services provided by Dr. Sanchez please click here.

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