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Sometimes one of our greatest challenges as women leaders can seem like we battle internally with the ability to successfully translate our professional visibility into real and tangible opportunities for advancement.

I want to ask you.

In your current professional situation, do you struggle with balancing hyper-visibility, and a strong professional brand that captures the attention of key decision makers at the right time?

Maybe you even continually struggle with these barriers to success:

  • Being told you outshine your peers yet still being passed over for the next promotion
  • Being unable to access high level career mentorship at work
  • Dealing with insecurities that create a lack of confidence in your abilities, and make you believe the myth that you’re ‘not ready yet’

If you do struggle, you’re not alone.

The fear and lack of clarity regarding how to successfully promote your professional brand without feeling awkward is a common experience for women leaders. But, luckily, this can be learned!

The art of self promotion once mastered can become both a successful tool and strategy for enhancing your corporate visibility.

Now…all that remains is your willingness to make a real commitment to the process of enhancing your visibility.

Imagine if there was no ceiling, and no walls…what would strategic self promotion look like?

What would it feel like?

Are you ready to be seen?

Are you ready for more influence?

Watch today’s video to learn more

If you are a women leader who is needing support in positioning for promotion, speaking with more confidence, and/or negotiating for better pay so that you can make the biggest impact NOW & in the Year to come.

Schedule a confidential 15 minute chat with my team so that we can help you devise a strategy to win and win big in 2021!

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