The power of the mind is truly an amazing thing to explore. We are constantly thinking about our next move or thought yet unaware of how deeply programmed the mind is.

Our reactions and responses to the outside world are based mainly on our own experiences. How our mind has been conditioned up until this moment, has a huge impact on our lives and our careers.

As professional women, we are frequently inundated with limiting judgments and perceived gender roles that can inhibit our progress and success. However, much of that inhibition comes from within. When we build our mindset to become resilient to these barriers, our potential is met.

In order to break through these barriers and create an armored mind, try these few practices every day:

  1. Journaling or talking to someone you trust
  2. Mindfulness or Meditation
  3. Go outside your comfort zone

It may seem small and habits take some time to make an impact, but if you stay the course you will reap the benefits.

Journaling and communicating your thoughts

Our thoughts move fast. Sometimes, we aren’t able to fully process what goes on in our minds until we either talk it out or write it down. It’s incredibly powerful to get vulnerable with how you are feeling.

Women often feel as though they need to hide their emotions to not come across as weak. We all face challenges and difficult situations in life. Nothing is resolved from shying away from reality – the only way out is through!

In my mentoring, I am approached by women who are seeking more guidance as they communicate their thoughts and emotions. What I find most important is gradually shifting the language they use to create a more positive narrative. Our beliefs are formed by the words we use to describe our emotions, feelings, and experiences.

Gaining clarity from either journaling on your own or getting insight from someone you trust, can help you move closer to a breakthrough. Talk or write about your challenges, your goals, your fears, your gratitudes! All are important components to building success.


We may have a natural reaction to judge what thoughts or emotions come up. As I mentioned above, women may have external pressures that they internalize. Becoming critical of ourselves creates a “negative feedback loop” or perpetuates our limiting beliefs.

Furthermore, we tend to judge ourselves for judging! This is where mindfulness comes in. It’s perfectly normal to be critical- we often use it as a tool for motivation. However, building a practice of acknowledgment rather than judgment can be the difference between rejection and acceptance.

Being mindful is taking the opportunity to learn from ourselves. What fears are coming up? Why do I believe these to be true? What is stopping me? Remain curious, you don’t need all the answers but gathering this data may help you on your road to success.

Go outside your comfort zone

Most days, we stay on autopilot. Whether we are following a routine or enjoying a day off, there isn’t much variability day to day. When we stay in this mundane routine, our experiences become very limited, not offering much. Yes, it gives us peace of mind and with the stresses of the world, it feels safe.

If we instead create a routine with some variability in it, our opportunities to learn and grow expand. Not everything outside your comfort zone needs to be scary or challenge a fear, just offer a new perspective.

Go to a new place for lunch, start chatting with a stranger, or take a walk somewhere new. Opening ourselves up to new experiences often creates a sense of adventure and risk-taking becomes less intimidating.

When we create a habit of building up our mindset, we become limitless. Many of our barriers are stuck in subconscious limiting beliefs and it takes some time to work out the knots. Consistency and commitment are the main ingredients to your success.

Let’s break through these barriers together by scheduling a confidential chat with me and my team.

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