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When it comes to executive presence, some people believe that you either have it or you don’t.

Contrary to this belief, executive presence can actually be cultivated, developed, and expanded upon regardless of the stage you are in your career.


In fact, having a strong executive presence can increase your opportunities for future advancement and, is a concept that is now widely known. To organizations looking to fill their next influential position, executive presence matters more now than ever before.

A recent survey by communications experts Sally Williamson & Associates (SW&A) indicates that:

89% of execs believe that executive presence aids you in being successful in the workplace, while

78% of them think that an absence of it will definitely hold you back.

The bright side is, you don’t have to be born with it, in fact, it can be developed and improved upon. According to SW&A, their study revealed in interviews with 400 CEOs, c-level execs as well as, professional development managers, three important factors that can exponentially improve one’s executive presence.

Take a look and review the list below.

Self-Examine where you might be able to utilize one or more of these factors to enhance your own executive presence and improve your leadership presence so that you can access future career opportunities.

Factor #1: Witnessing Others

Almost three-quarters of the respondents in the SW&A study (70%) indicated that observing an individual who has mastered executive presence was key to being able to model executive presence for themselves.

When I think back on my own career journey, there are individuals that come to mind whom I remember thinking, ‘wow they are so..” you fill in the blank. We all probably ‘know’ that individual that seems to demonstrate charisma, or, has the right balance of poise, confidence, and/or likability.

Think about your own experiences, are there individuals that come to mind presently, or in your past that when you think of having that- “it factor,” this individual comes to mind?

Now, think about what it was about them that stood out the most to you.

Factor #2: Strategic Coaching

About two-thirds of the executives in the SW&A study (65%) indicate that coaching was a major factor in aiding in the leadership journey. This is why I’m so passionate about the work that I do. Had I the benefit of an executive coach 20 years ago, I would have made different decisions about how to manage my professional career. The women leaders and men that I currently help are so in tune with the need to get that guidance earlier than I did. Trust me when I say, you cannot operate in a vacuum when it comes to your career.

Forbes makes a persuasive case for utilizing the expertise of an executive coach and identifies six benefits that make coaching worth your while.

Factor #3: Expanding Your Skillset

More than half of directors in the SW&A study (55%) indicated that training aided in cultivating needed leadership skills and expanding executive presence.

Identify opportunities such as management or leadership training that can be helpful to expanding and enhancing your current skillset.

Factor #4: Remain Authentic

I think this is one of the most important factors that can increase the power of your executive presence. Your individual and unique qualities are going to ultimately be what sets you apart from others.

In my work with high performers, I teach them how to put their own unique spin on the concept of executive presence and to redefine it for themselves.

This ‘mirroring’ aspect that can happen sometimes in leadership, where those who get sponsored or supported for advancement ‘look’ just like everyone else…those days are over. My work that involves training organizations and leaders how to invite more diverse and inclusive approaches to leading and managing, encompasses what executive presence, “looks like, or, shows up like” in the embodiment of a woman, a person of color, or another diverse group. Remaining authentic will be your competitive advantage in the workplace. Don’t lose what makes you uniquely you.

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