Are you looking to get promoted in 2021 or beyond? Promotion isn’t exactly as simple as taking a step up the corporate ladder. Promotion involves a career strategy with an end goal in mind, all while working on your mindset and tapping into your why.

These are the steps when it comes to formulating your strategy while hitting your target.

Dig Deep to Find Your Why

Without a why and end goal in mind, it’s difficult to find motivation to move forward with your career strategy and promotion.

Why is it that you want to earn this new promotion? Is it more money? Does it allow you to spend more time with your family? Are you trying to save money for your kids’ tuition?

Your ‘why’ might be deeply personal. The important part is to make that connection and use it as fuel to achieve your career goals.

While you work on finding your why, you also have some decisions to make in terms of mindset and pursuing your new level of success.

Make Your Decision and Commit to It

“Indecision is the thief of opportunity.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

If you’re having all the right conversations with leadership and serving as an important role of your team, it still doesn’t guarantee a promotion. When you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to make a mindset shift and make an important decision.

This decision can involve staying in your current role or leaving to pursue other (and potentially better) opportunities. But know that indecision can be paralyzing and damper your mindset in terms of moving forward.

Get Your Mindset Right

You can’t move forward when you’re stuck on a hamster wheel mindset that doesn’t serve you. When you find your why and make your decision on your next move, you can’t go anywhere unless your mind is right.

But what does this mean? You must remember that working toward a promotion can feel tireless and daunting. It can be a long way to the finish line and you’ll need a strong mindset to get you through.

This can involve getting over issues such as imposter syndrome or even simply speaking up to leadership. You might be surprised at the outcome of your promotion by communicating that you want the role.

Find Clarity

These career strategy steps can help you become clear on your goals and how to get there. You’ll need a timeline in place to reach those goals with a date on the calendar. Simply saying that you’ll get the role “someday” won’t give you the push you need to move forward. You’ll also need to outline specific steps on how you will get to that goal.

When you need assistance in finding clarity, outlining goals, and getting the promotion that you deserve, I’m here to help. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation by clicking here. I can give you personalized insight so you can work toward your promotion with confidence!

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