In March of last year, a global pandemic shifted not only the way we do life but the way we do business. Everything changed. Instead of going to the office, many professionals were forced to work from home. Many businesses struggled and were forced to resort to layoffs in order to keep the bills paid.

This “new normal” we have adapted to, has brought with it fear, uncertainty and instability. You may be left wondering how to move forward. How do you get your career unstuck in the new norm?

When I work with women, I take a two-pronged approach. We work together to identify your career development strategy. Then we work very heavily on improving your mindset as well as building your skillset.

Mindset Matters

I want you to honestly ask yourself, why is it that you are stuck? What do you think it is that is holding you back? Is it the job market? Do you have fears that are popping up? Do you have a lack of confidence?

Unpack some of these areas where you are feeling stuck and really drill backward. What is causing that feeling of wanting to hold back and maybe even protect yourself? Why are you feeling stuck?

If it is really the current job market, I just want to share with you that despite what you think, people are still getting hired by their dream companies and finding jobs they love, even in this pandemic. Executive and management positions now are needed more than ever during this time.

Identify Your Skillset

So, think about how you in particular solve a problem and how you may be a solution to that company or industry and the issue they are trying to solve. This will help you navigate through that block that you are having about whether it is the job market or not.

Part of it may be that you have resolved somehow and have become so comfortable with staying in your comfort zone that you do not expand or look at what is out there. So maybe even do some investigation and look and see what is out there. You may find, and I am betting you will, that there are a lot more opportunities out there than you thought existed.

What to do About Fear

What if it’s just fear? What if you have fear that is popping up. Fear of success. Fear of failure. Fear of disappointing others. Fear of disappointing yourself. Any of those issues surrounding fear are worthwhile areas to venture into understanding further.

What is underneath the fear? What is behind the fear of success? Is it that you are concerned about having more responsibility? Fear of how your life might change? Fear of not being good enough?

If your fear I rooted in a lack of confidence, it is leaving you feeling unclear about your future. You may experience a confidence block that has you feeling unsure about your future. Maybe even because you are lacking in clarity and you’re just not sure how to move forward because you are not sure if this is something for you if it’s the right fit. Maybe you are afraid of what will happen if you make the wrong decision. Ultimately it is leaving you feeling stuck.

If you’re feeling like you are holding yourself back, you are doing it for a reason. Is it really a fear of the current job market? It is another fear popping up, or is it a lack of confidence?

Focus on What You Can Change

I want you to be able to focus on what it is that you can change. In some cases, this pandemic has been the great equalizer. There are a lot of things that have changed the way people interact professionally, interpersonally, socially. We are trying to navigate new ways of being able to create opportunities for people that are not contingent upon you having to be in the same room or same space as an individual.

Focus on what you can change. Think about what kind of impression you want to leave with people, what kind of experience you want them to have of you, what is it that you can take control of in your career trajectory and really boost your opportunities, your exposure, and access to other people.

You can add value. You can begin to work on yourself. You can position yourself more strongly for a promotion, a pivot, or a transition. You can also improve your confidence and work on building your confidence so you can learn how to speak up more, how to ask for a promotion to a pay raise so that you can really take your career trajectory back. You can be in the driver’s seat.

You also can develop a proven strategy to accomplish your career goals. So often I work with women who want to advance for promotion but they’re just not sure where to start and it feels like they are stabbing in the dark.

Decide on what action you are going to take. Are you going to take action, be proactive, make the decisions that you need to make so that you can get where you want to go? Or are you going to stay feeling stuck?

If you would like more specific help to identify and create a career development strategy, I encourage you to reach out to me.

If you are struggling with being able to own your ideas and feel confident about how you go about communicating the essential functions of what you do on a daily basis, I can help! If you would like to continue the conversation, comment below or reach out for a no-cost consultation with me.

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