The new year is the most popular time to start new goals. If one of your goals is to level up in your career, you may want to keep reading. It may be surprising to some that career advancement isn’t exclusively showing off your achievements and outperforming colleagues. In fact, what may matter more when being considered for a promotion or new role, is your approach.

It’s important for high-achieving women to tap into their inherent strengths when pursuing a new role. Women may feel as though their efforts are overlooked and struggle to be confident in their achievements. However, this is often a result of limiting beliefs in play. Whether it’s the gender gap or lacking certain skills required, these beliefs keep us from discovering our true potential.

As we head into 2022, I encourage you to set new goals of overcoming some limiting beliefs you may have. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, identifying where you are being held back and establishing daily routines to shift your mindset are pinnacles to making significant progress.

It may be cliche to say “it’s the journey, not the destination”, but this really is the best way to approach these new goals. Set smaller milestones and follow a learning goal strategy to make the process more achievable and ultimately more successful.

It’s often hard to see our progress when only looking at the big picture. It’s easy to think we are so far from our goals if we do not celebrate the smaller outcomes. When we break up our goals into bite-sized pieces and implement a learning goal strategy, we can accomplish so much more.

Establishing the goal of eliminating limiting beliefs, taking risks, or improving self-confidence, will provide a strong foundation and structure to reaching your overall career goals. Going after the performance-based goals head first often produces results you are unaligned with.

The fact is, when it comes to bigger goals, our ego likes to go all in. Too many women feel as though they need to “prove” themselves without realizing the inner game involved. Acknowledging where our approach could use some adjusting is where we begin to win this inner gam

Of course, developing a strategy to win this inner game is going to determine your success. Working with a coach or mentor can help you hone your strategy and help you visualize your path.

If you are a women leader who is needing support in creating the right strategy to master the mindset needed to effectively position for promotion, pivot, or transition, schedule your confidential 15-minute chat with me and my team at: https://bit.ly/drsanchez-strategy-consult.

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