Imposter Syndrome takes on many forms. You may be afraid to ask for a promotion because you are “not qualified.” Maybe you don’t speak up in a meeting because you don’t feel that your opinion is heard or valued. Maybe you feel that in order to be a valued leader, you have to perform at high levels of achievement in many different areas.

What is at stake?

These types of doubt are widely understood among women in mid-level management all the way up to CEO. As high performing career women, you may be able to identify with this culture that says you have to do more, achieve more, be more than your male counterparts in order to succeed in business.

A recent study of high-level women leaders found that 60% of women surveyed were collectively frustrated and exhausted. A vast majority of these women anticipated that their careers would rank equally with their partners. But many of them were disappointed.

What we know about the gender wage gap, is that at the rate women are breaking these barriers, it would take 40 years or more before women “catch up.” But we also know that now more than ever, with the advancement of technology and the expansion of global industry things are moving at a much faster rate.

This means that you, as women leaders have the potential to be literal game-changers in any field or industry you choose to go into.

What will it take?

To be a game-changer, you must move past the fear. If you are constantly worried that you will be “found out,” you will miss the opportunities placed in your path. You must remind yourself that you are a leader. You must remind yourself that you have exactly what it takes to succeed.

If you feel like you are running this rat race, in order for there to be something different here, you can’t just expect things to be different. You are going to have to do something different.

Confidence is the biggest factor in your career growth. Your confidence shows your employer that you are not only ready for promotion but that you are THE BEST person to step into that position of leadership.

So, if you desire to up-level your career and finally earn what you are worth, why haven’t you?

Have you identified how you are going to get there? Have you thought about how to do it? Are you just overwhelmed with the idea of it? Maybe you are constantly searching for more but you just can’t seem to put your finger on what that “more” is.

What I’ve found in my experience in working with a lot of high potential women is that they are driven by this innate desire to make an impact with their leadership. They want to do something more with their life, they want to do something more with their career, but sometimes they feel foolish for even talking about it or dreaming about it.

So many women struggle with this very type of doubt. This doubt creates a lack of clarity. It hijacks your confidence if it is left unchecked and it disrupts your career path. Before you know it you have spent 10 or 15 years spinning your wheels.

Now is the time to move into being more focused, feeling more fulfilled, and understanding that with the right strategy and the right support you can be on a truly successful path.

I’m here to encourage you to speak up in your meetings. Step into your role as a leader. Make an impact in your workplace. Do not sit back and let another promotion pass you by. Make sure your employer knows you want that leadership position.

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