How do you measure success in your career?

I’ve come across many female executives who think the key to standing out as a leader is to solely impress with tangible success metrics that show their high achieving capabilities.

However, a leader is more valuable in the way they approach situations rather than the skills or qualifications they possess. Focusing too much on how we measure up can cause us to prioritize opportunities that only demonstrate our skills and qualifications while missing crucial opportunities for growth.

In fact, many women leaders do not see the growth potential in the opportunities in front of them because they are held back by limiting beliefs such as comparison or fear of failure.

As you are reaching toward your next role or promotion, I encourage you to ask yourself some important questions in 3 key areas of a leadership mindset:

● Getting clear on your goals and visualize your success:

What steps are required to get there? How you will approach them? What does it look/feel like to reach these goals?

● Gaining awareness:

What is limiting you? Are your default reactions positive or negative? Where can you find success in failure?

● Developing a success mindset:

How can you develop your mindset to support your goals and career vision? What do you need to learn to enhance your performance? Where can you find mentorship or coaching to develop new skills? Which resources are available to you?

Finding Clarity

Besides deciding what performance goals you want to achieve, determine how you will approach them.

Approaching skill-based goals with the intention to learn and grow is almost always better than reaching the goal itself. When we set goals to learn, the outcome results in less stress, enhanced listening skills, stronger empathy, etc.

What kind of leader do you want to be, or even better, what kind of leader would you follow? A leader with an authentic presence can effectively influence others, building stronger connections.


Are you focusing too much on skill-based goals and performance metrics? These aren’t bad things to consider, it’s just not ALL we should consider.

It’s important to be aware of where we are holding tension in our progress. Are you being held back by comparison or resistant to risk-taking?

We need to give equal credit to the challenges that offer inner growth as we do to outer performance. When we feel like what we are working towards is an uphill battle, take a moment to celebrate the achievements (big or small) that lead to stronger inner wisdom.

Mastering the Inner Game

I agree that part of exuding executive presence is about demonstrating high achievement, but it’s also about harnessing your mindset and personal attributes that make you a better leader.

This is the inner game of leadership that is fundamental to your growth. Finding a balance between outward success and inner wisdom.

The inner game consists of character traits like honesty, passion, vision, risk-taking, compassion, courage, authenticity, collaboration, self-awareness, humility, intuition, and wisdom.

Our success is all dependent on how we lead with these inner qualities. Mastering a success mindset means mastering this inner game of leadership

The fact is, our limited experiences create our realities. Therefore, in order to strengthen our mindset and master the inner game, we must be open to new opportunities to gain new perspectives. As we modify our behaviors outside of our comfort zone, we challenge our way of thinking, opening a new world of possibilities that provide us with more clarity and confidence.

Are you ready to gain the confidence, clarity, and strategy to position yourself powerfully for your next-level role so that you can lead authentically and make the biggest impact? Let’s tackle this inner game together by scheduling your confidential chat with me and my team here.


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