Being a busy professional can feel daunting when it comes to enhancing your performance. How many times have you felt that your inner voice was urging you to step up your game and be the achiever that you have always wanted to be? Sadly, as you think back, it is likely that you were also reminded just how many times you have felt that you were “not ready yet,” that something was holding you back or preventing you from achieving your goals?

We usually manage to run our home life and career fairly well. However, managing our life and excelling at it are two very different concepts. Excelling requires that you step up your performance and be an excellent decision maker.

Well, we know how you feel. Being a busy professional would hardly leave you with any time or energy by the end of the work day to assess where your life is heading and whether you are able to achieve your goals and desires as you had initially set out to.

As a matter of fact, most people are not completely aware about what is stopping them from being a peak performer. Why? Mind blocks or mental barriers are subconscious factors that are difficult to identify. You may feel that you are up against a situation that you are totally unable to understand or solve and may feel blocked in some area of your life as if a brain fog was hovering over your head and preventing you from reaching a conclusion or decision about a certain situation. For example: you might be a manager in a company and been doing relatively well. You might have been on the received praise for your work and for your commitment to excellence but lately, you might have noticed that you are not doing as well as you could or would have liked to and thus, didn’t get the promotion you had hoped for. You might also be an entrepreneur and noticed that it’s taking you more time and effort to reach your goals than earlier or that you haven’t been able to achieve a certain goal that you had wanted to by the end of the year.

Have you noticed that your motivation has dropped, you feel frustrated or anxious more often, and have lost your assertiveness? The problem with mind block is that we do not feel confident or brave enough to explore and overcome the problems that we know are stopping us from being the biggest and best version of ourselves. Our thoughts are powerful tools that can prevent us from or facilitate us in achieving our goals and dreams. Emotional barriers and blockages exist too but they can easily be sorted once you take control of your mental barriers that lie deep within our psyche. Exploring and identifying areas that are restraining us takes considerable amount of patience.

Many people turn to personal development therapy or a life coach to assist them through this process. We have got you covered!

The specific actions you need to take in order to identify mind blocks, overcome underlying fears and other issues, and break down barriers to unlock high performance have been listed below:

  1. Understand the mind block. This is sometimes easier said than done. We may understand that it’s a block, but are unsure about how to go about reducing the impact. The first step is to explore what the overwhelming feeling is that is conjured up when you think of whatever the performance issue or goal is. For example, if you have been striving to meet your sales goal but keep falling short. When you think about reaching that goal what comes up? Feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness, explore the feeling, and then follow the thought that goes with it.
  2. Find out what it takes to reduce the block. Once you understand what the feeling is underneath the mind block. Ask yourself, “what would it take,” to reach the goal or overcome the performance issue. You have the answer within you to accomplish it, you just need to verbalize it out loud. Then make a plan to succeed. For example, if meeting that sales goal means that you get before more potential customers, then you find ways to do that, and identify an achievement goal such as, “I want to meet 3 new contacts per day.”
  3. Stop Failing and Start Succeeding. This is a mental shift requiring you change your perception of failure. You should work to see potential setbacks as an opportunity for a win. For example, if you are not meeting your performance goals then you keep adjusting the plan or strategy to win. You are simply gathering data with each missed attempt to become more specific about how to win. This may involve seeking consultation or collaboration to help broaden your perspective or skill set.
  4. Build Confidence. This simply comes by doing and winning. Having the courage to try is very important.
  5. Communicate. Tell people what you need and how they can support you. Also learn to ask for what you want.
    The process of shattering mind blocks requires both mental exercise and physical application. You can shape your success simply by acting on your belief that you can do it!

Coaching can be beneficial for individuals that would like to continue exploring how to improve their overall performance. The coaching process allows for continual focus on helping individuals to identify specific actions that will deliver short-term as well as longer-term goals.

To learn more about coaching services provided by Dr. Sanchez please click here.

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