Now more than ever purpose-driven leadership is needed.

As a purpose-driven leader you have the ability to silence the noise, and really become hyper-focused about what is important to you to accomplish. As a leader during this time of crisis, there are others depending upon you for your direction, strength, and yes even your courage.

If you are struggling with remaining positive, future-focused, and purpose-driven in your leadership, I want to encourage you to not give up leading with a purpose for yourself. Your ability to gain the clarity needed to help position yourself strongly for your next position, promotion, or, even establish yourself as the expert for your organization or industry is needed.

Truth be told, we have all been significantly impacted by this crisis, and you may have had career goals, or dreams that you believe you have had to sideline during this time. I want to invite you to consider the opposite. Now instead is the time to be preparing for that next opportunity by further developing your leadership capabilities.

Today, if you are a woman leader that is feeling unclear, unmotivated, and/or unsure about your next move I want to talk to you about 3 things that you can do:

1. Prioritize your own self-care.

We are now being bombarded with the requirement to be constantly “on”, and we don’t realize the toll that this may be taking upon both our emotional and physical health. Your brain becomes overloaded with too much stimulation, and as a result, you experience malaise, fatigue, and even lack of motivation and decreased creativity. I suggest getting enough sleep, eating right, exercise, etc. And, this last thing which I believe is underrated, is taking the time to take small breaks. Small breaks allow you time to move, get your blood/oxygen flowing through to your brain; which thereby, helps to improve focus, concentration, and help improve your creativity.

2.     Complete a Career Clarity Assessment.

If you are needing clarity about your next move, and/or are unsure about the strength of your current skillset in the competitive market a career clarity assessment will help. I work with my clients to complete an assessment of their skills, talents, abilities, preferences, etc. the key here is to see what your career strengths are, what you prefer or,/dislike about your current and future work choices, and to stimulate your thinking around identifying the ideal work situation for yourself now, or in the future. The other benefit of completing a career clarity assessment is that it gives you a quantifiable way to see your accomplishments. As leaders and high achievers, we sometimes forget to celebrate the wins. This allows you to see how strong a candidate you are in black and white; and, gives you a chance to assess your gaps of knowledge that can be further developed.

3.     Cultivate a sense of community.

As you are thinking about advancing in your career pursuits, take into consideration your ability to effectively leverage relationships, and build a sense of community. I suggest making some small steps in this area by reconnecting with individuals or, professionals that you have worked with in the past. Also, consider connecting with individuals that you would like to develop future relationships with, and begin starting a dialogue today.

I’ve noticed that during this time of crisis, individuals are extending grace to one another, and are demonstrating genuine compassion and kindness. This is a beautiful thing in this time of need. I believe that businesses/organizations are also looking for individuals that aren’t just looking for a job, but they are looking for the right candidate someone invested in their success. One who is astute, and wants to meet the unique needs of the organization/business. As someone who may be interviewing for new positions during this time, keep this in mind.

Find ways that you can speak to the organizational need as you advocate for yourself and describe why your current skillset is needed.

During these unprecedented times, women leaders are needing support now more than ever.

According to an analysis of LinkedIn data hiring is down everywhere, but Millennial women are getting disproportionately hit.

Experts say this could be because Millennial women — many who are now at the age where they have young children — are assuming more family responsibilities during this crisis. As a result, many women are re-evaluating and re-prioritizing their career needs.

While you are gaining clarity about your next move, it is important to continue to expand and develop your leadership capabilities.

There are also many companies that are continuing to hire. Regardless of your situation, preparing for your future is critical. I’ve created a program designed to meet the unique needs that women leaders face called the Rewired for Success Program for Women Leaders. In this 16 week program, I teach you strategies to expand your leadership skills, improve your executive presence, and help you learn the tools to position yourself for promotion, speak with more confidence, and negotiate for bigger pay.

Learn more at www.dravansanchez.com. Also, if you are in need of further support please schedule a no-cost consult at: https://bit.ly/drsanchez-application-consult

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