When I first started studying the power of the mind and our thoughts upon our behaviours I instantly became overwhelmed with the concept. To overcome my own predisposed ideas to limit, failure, objection, and fear became obstacles to success. In sharing this with a friend of mine, they shared with me a helpful suggestion that I want to share with you today.

The power in the thought doesn’t lie in the reasoning behind it, but in your belief! Meaning, you are what you think, and your thoughts come from the beliefs that are housed in the depths of your unconscious. Therefore, if the thought is one that your intellect doesn’t value, don’t believe it! Don’t internalize it! Reject it!

We know that you have worked very hard to reach where you are. And we also know that ideally, it is not where you would like to stay.

You want to keep growing, keep evolving, and keep breaking the glass ceiling of past successes.

You know deep down that with every fibre of your being, you want to be successful; and why not?

You’re as deserving as anyone else in the world so what is really stopping you from achieving your dreams? The answer may lie in your thinking pattern. The way we think very much determines what we end up achieving in life.

So, start believing your way to success by acting out these behaviours, and your thoughts will catch up! Here’s a cheat sheet in your service:

  • Have you ever heard fake it until you make it? This concept reigns true, the hardest behaviors to change are those that are tied to a belief. You have to habit your way to success sometimes, so start with actions that symbolize success to you.
  • Foster and cultivate optimism in your life. Remember, be kind to yourself, but most importantly remember you are stronger than you think you are. Support the warrior in you as best as you can.

As the great mystic, Rumi, pointed out:

“It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.”

  • Focus on the journey not the destination. Be grateful for what you have overcome and accomplished. Remember this journey of yours hasn’t just happened at random, there is a specific purpose for your life and an expectation as to how you will give your gifts back to the world.
  • Realize that your successes should not just benefit you but also benefit others. Gratitude, reflection, and a positive response to change will bring infinite blessings.

Just like anything, what we do has an impact. However, if you consider that our thoughts are a culmination of various experiences, what we have learned, what were taught, what we have internalized, what others have said to us, and our perceptions of the world. Therefore, sometimes it becomes incumbent upon us to re-write or rewire the mixed messages that have created an inaccurate perception of ourselves and our abilities.

Birthing an experience of excellence and optimism will serve you well in your life. Additionally, it will help you to embrace success and challenges, bouncing back even stronger from setbacks.

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