Don’t Assume that You Earned the Promotion

First, you don’t want to assume that you have the promotion in the bag. Two years is typically the minimum amount of time needed to get a promotion. If you’ve been at the job for fewer than two years, it might not be your time yet.

It’s important to discuss a promotion timeline with management. They may have different expectations in terms of time for promotion eligibility. Discuss if there are possibilities that you can get your promotion sooner.

Keep Track of Your Success

You know that you have a great track record. But proving this to management is placed on your shoulders if you want your promotion.

Luckily, there are several ways you can track your success on the job.

You can do actions such as:

  • Take screenshots of emails that contain praise
  • Keep a spreadsheet of your major “wins” at work and include notes of what you accomplished
  • You can also use a journal format to document accomplishments
  • Seek out your best metrics such as annual sales, lead generation totals, and conversion rates

With your success track record front-and-center, this can help you move forward to a new promotion.

Make Yourself Indispensable

Now isn’t the time to be shy about your talents and your value. You know what you do well, and potentially even better than anyone else on your team.

Leverage those skills to your advantage at all opportunities. This will demonstrate that you are an employee who cannot be easily replaced. Not to mention, it can put you on the shortlist when it comes time to decide on your promotion.

Prepare for Your Review

When it’s time for your annual review, come prepared with all of your documentation and track record of achievements. Meanwhile, you need to be prepared to address any potential short fallings that may arise.

Nailing the annual review can open doors or result in a promotion opportunity on the spot.

Get Support in Scoring Your Next Promotion

Proving yourself to management can feel incredibly intimidating. I help women build confidence in leadership and those striving to become leaders themselves.

Not only can I help you move forward in getting your promotion, but I can assist with negotiating for better pay.

Schedule a 15-minute free consultation with my team by clicking here.


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